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Market Prediction & 2021 Real Estate In Sunny Isle Beach, Florida!

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Have you heard the name of “the Billionaire’s or “The Venice of America”? Yes, with high-quality condos, Sunny Isle Beach, Florida real estate is known as these aliases. The east of the city is the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterways on the West. On the North of the city is Golden Beach and BAL Harbor on the Southside. The newly built luxurious ocean-based condos outstretch for about 2.5 miles. The prices of these condos vary between one million dollars to ten million dollars.

The novelties in the condominium that attract aspiring investors to Sunny Isles Beach are the brand name “condos,” sky-rocketing private mansions, top amenities, 5-star in-house dining, fun activities, various sports, the spectacular views of sunshine and sunsets. At the top of all these is the Intercostals island life. The pristine single-family homes located in “Golden Shores” have easy access to major shopping centers in the area.

Real Estate Facts

  • Total numbers of homes for sale: 1,617
  • Estimated Home Values: $405,800
  • Forecast of Home Value: 1.9%

Home Values City wise

  • Avantura: $342, 900
  • Sunny Isles Beach: $405, 800
  • Golden Beach: $932,400
  • Bay Harbor Islands: $289,300
  • Bal Harbour: $1,043,000

The median values of homes have increased from below $400,000 to $405,500

Median Price concerning a List Price means precisely half of the homes listed above the median price, and half of the prices are below. There are three items. The average price is different from the median price, which is the total of the individual numbers of each item and divided the same with several things, For instance, 8+9+7=24. Divide 24 by three, and the Arithmetic Average is 3.

Advantage of Median Value!

median value - Sunny Isle Beach, Florida real estate - TGG While buying or selling a home, the Median Listing Price is exhibited on the graph. If the chart displays a downward trend, sellers are dropping their prices, responding to a softening market. A Soft market is known as buyers or “cold” market. If the Median listing price shows a downward trend, selling a home may take a longer time. At the same time, buyers may get more bargaining power. On the contrary, if the Median Listing Price shows an upward trend, the market is “hot,” and quicker homes will be faster. At a time when the prices are going up, sellers are advantaged.

Prognosis Data for 2021

Prognosis Data - Sunny Isle Beach, Florida real estate - TGG

The housing market forecast and prices of property in Sunny Isles Beach are as below

For the period from 2021 AS to 2031

  • Average Price: $512,476
  • Minimum price: $409,978
  • Maximum price: $606, 647

The prices in October 2021 are:

  • Average List Price: $3,032,918
  • Highest Price: $29,500,000
  • Average Price per Sq feet: $1,805
  • Maximum Rent: $50,000
  • Average Rental: $10,297

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, real estate has a balanced market during October 2021, which means the supply balances the demand. On average, homes in Sunny Isles beach sell after 102 days in the market.

In October 2021, 1059 homes were offered for sale. Of these, 42 were newly listed last week. 470 rentals were ranging between $1.5 to $60K

DateAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price
December 2021Open 51247MIN 409978Max 606647
January 2022Open 513616Min 420008Max 614942
February 2022Open 514602Min 417917Max 612483

Home value trends and predictions in Sunny Isles Beach Area- the median home price is 509842 USD which is +0.314%

Current Price: 509, 842 USD

1 Year Forecast: 524, 304 USD

5 Year Forecast: 575, 846 USD

Buying a home in Sunny Isles Beach is not so good for the short term. (1 Year Investment). For selling homes with good flipping profit, it is a profitable option. On 2021-11-29, the median price of an average house of Sunny Isles Beach was 509 842 USD. According to our forecast, in the long-term, the predicted cost of an average home is 575 846 USD by 2026-11-30. If invested for five years, the profit is expected to be about +12.95%. If $1million is invested today, you may get a profit of 112950 by 2026.

Some Common Questions and answers

Market Prediction - Sunny Isle Beach, Florida real estate-TGG

The average home listing price is 509,842 USD, and it may go up to 524, 304USD. The median Price per Square feet is 283 USD.

Short-term Outlook: Sunny Isles Beach City is 3112 most prominent city in Florida (Miami-Dade). The real estate business increased during the last 12 months. The real estate home values will increase in the coming 12 months. Considering the annual figure, median home values increased by 4.304% to 509,842 USD from October 31, 2020, to October 31202.

The predicted Sales will increase to 25.270% in the following ten years. The value of the home escalated good 12 times and fluctuated to decrease for no time.

Annual Average Profit of Property Investment

Year Avg. Profit (in Percentage)
2021 3.295%
2019 11.619%
2018 -4.471%
2017 -2.862%
2016 0.180%


Reasons to invest in Sunny Isle Beach real estate - TGG

Why do people like to invest in Sunny Isle Beach? Of many reasons, few important are luxury condos, on the beach, warm tropical climate, ample parks, diverse culture, warm Atlantic Ocean, great shopping, and fine restaurants. So the high-profile buyers give first preference to invest in Sunny Isle Beach, Florida, real estate.

  • The Beach: Renters make an enormous bunch of visitors to Sunny Isle Beach, Florida. They come all over the world
  • Limited Supply of Homes: No building is likely to come in the coming year
  • Strong International Market: For using during off months people of other countries may like to build luxury homes such as vacation homes or off-months home
  • Massive Rental Population: They pay higher rentals.
  • Continuous Growth of Job Market: More than 30,000 jobs are to be filled
  • Landlords Get Strong ROI: A strong Return on Investment allures people to invest more

Sports are another attraction of Sunny Isles Beach. They are fishing, diving, and parasailing, boating, and jet skis. Although the market of luxury condos in Miami Beach has declined slightly, in 2018, Sunny Isles Beach marked a 1% increase over the previous year. However, listing over the years, the decline marked by 1,541 listings to 1,510 homes for sale.

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