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Top 8 Neighborhoods To Live Near South Miami!

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South Miami is an excellent place with lots of people in and around. There are many opportunities in the city and many sites available for the people migrating there to stay. Since there are so many options for the people to visit that are very lucrative, people get perplexed about where to stay. So, here are a few options that people can consider to choose the best place to stay for them.

1. Coconut Grove

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Coconut Grove is the oldest area where people have stayed for a relaxed time. It stretches along the coastline and is a piece of heaven away from the hustle and bustle of the South Miami party culture. Coconut Grove is a city that is peaceful and serene, and it has several attractive and eye-catching areas that will blow the minds off of the tourists and the visitors who come here.

People are likely to find a vast number of real estate’s like Mediterranean mansions and luxury condos with picturesque views and high-end amenities with the help of Sunny Isles Beach real estate. Many boutiques, bars, cafes, and restaurants will be on the top list of the people who come here. Also, there is an extensive nightlife culture here that is not wild and noisy, but they include sports bars and other places for recreation.

2. Coral Gables

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Coral Gables is one of the ideal places in Miami, and it has a profuse cultural legacy as well. Based on the model of Venice, this city is fantastic and has a rich Mediterranean architecture with lush greens all around and ample waterways. The people can quickly dunk themselves in the old world cultures and get hooked to the fantastic scenery around the area.

Coconut Grove is one of the reasons why this area has a lot of visitors flicking here to stay. There are many new cafes, boutiques, galleries, and the sites are surrounded by high-end restaurants. This area has many mansions and celebrity houses that can be seen and condos in the tall buildings. But, there are humbles alternatives for staying in the city.

3. South Beach

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South Beach is the heart of Miami, and it includes a lot of glamour and has a trendy ambiance. The number of picturesque views and the fantastic beachside attracts many wealthy people to come up and reside here. South Beach is a place for complete family associations, and people here 9ften ride bikes and cycle and do not need to commute by car.

The beach gives a fantastic platform for the people to mix freely, and many celebrities are hovering around in this place. This place looks like a festival all the time because of the diverse events that keep happening. As directed by Sunny Isles Beach, real estate places for staying here are also of multiple ranges, from mid-rising condos to expensive and luxurious family homes and luxury condos.

4. South of Fifth

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This area is also known as the “SoFi” surrounding the southern areas. South of Fifth is a great area where many celebrities have their abodes. They enjoy a private and recluse life there and soak up in the beach areas. The beach is full of fun and the hustling noise, but that does not stop people from dwelling there peacefully.

There are many famous cafes and restaurants, but that’s about it for the nightlife. This place appreciates a family life with serene beaches and makes provisions so that people can have quiet family time. There are numerous luxury condos, high buildings, and designer villas that offer a lucrative stay here.

5. Sunny Isles Beach

Sunny Isles Beach- The Gosalia Group

This place is also known as the ‘City of Sun and Sea’; it is located on the barrier islands of the northeast corner of Miami. It attracts visitors from all over the world due to its vibrancy. There is an enormous cultural diversity here and many well-known restaurants, cafes, bars, and boutiques.

Even this area is ideal to be traveled around in bikes or just by walking and the fabulous boutiques, cafes and restaurants attract a lot of visitors. There are provisions for large single-family homes and luxury condos with the best amenities in front of the seaside.

6. Aventura

Aventura also means adventure in Spanish, and it has a very adventurous ambiance with malls and several parks around. It’s clean, safe, and has a suburban lifestyle, with shopping being the main thing to be done by visitors here. With the pristine beaches around, this area is a visitor’s paradise conducting water sports.

Sunny Isles Beach heads Aventura; real estate is modest buildings and condos also moderately priced. People here are fun living, and they stay outdoor for fun. Many people bring their boats and go for adventurous boat rides.

7. Miami South Beach

Miami South Beach is a beautiful place, and it mainly consists of celebrities and a lavish lifestyle with much laid-back beach culture. It has a grand nightlife, and people from all the parts of the world flock here for ultimate fun. The fantastic cafes, boutiques, nightclubs, and malls make people indulge in shopping.

The south beach area is a mixture of people from all strata, and the type of real estate we find here are expensive single-family homes and expensive condos that are the most expensive properties in the whole area. The beach is the main arena for all the fun in this place, and the beautiful scenery makes up for all the hustle-bustle at night.

8. Bal Harbour

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Bal Harbour is a coastal village with a luxurious beach extravaganza and full of the city hustle and bustle. People here live a relaxed life walking, jogging, and cycling. The beaches are well protected and uncrowded, leaving enough room for the locals to swim and enjoy themselves and engage in water activities.

This place has the most expensive real estate globally, with large family homes on the Westside of the village and several super-luxury condos and high rises. There are also fantastic sidewalk cafes that provide good food options. This place with prestigious schools and family crowds can enjoy it here.


These are some of the most coveted neighborhoods to live near south Miami. We should always take the help of experienced real estate companies to get the best property.

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