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Which Are The Most Unsafe Places To Stay Away In Miami, FL?

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This is Miami’s most deadly neighborhood. The poorest citizens of the city live in a fatal “ghetto.” Overtown is a dangerous place to cycle or walk at night. Women who travel alone prefer day trips. After dusk, guests are not able to ride or walk bicycles. You can go for a walk or ride around Wynwood at any time.

The number of cops in the region is insufficient to keep an eye on things. The crime rate on the Upper Eastside is the highest of any neighborhood in New York City. In 2016, the cost of living in Orlando, Florida, was declared one of the most expensive in the United States. Robbery affects one out of every twenty-four residents.

1. Model City

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Because of its rich culture, Miami is a popular vacation destination in the United States. It is well-known for its busy nightlife, beautiful coastline, and mild winters. The city is plagued by crime and gun violence. This is more prevalent in Latin American and Cuban cultures than in others.

This area is teeming with crooks and junkies. Despite its bad reputation, the city is relatively safe to visit. This is Miami’s most violent and obnoxious neighborhood. The city’s poorest residents live in the “ghetto,” located in the city’s northwest part. This area is filled with criminality and violence. During robberies and gunshots, residents are frequently killed or injured.

Following a 40% surge between 2011 and 2013, homicides have risen dramatically. Despite the efforts of officials, the situation remains dangerous. Solitary female travelers should avoid night treks or rides. Taking public transportation protects you from pickpockets.

2. Overtown

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As a result of this technique, Miami’s oldest neighborhood was born. This is one of Miami’s most historic and well-known black neighborhoods. It has 9,640 people and is located northwest of downtown Miami. Even though the area is extensively policed, there is gun violence.

There have been numerous mass shootings, assassinations, and drug overdoses in the United States. Violent crime has climbed by 124% when compared to the national average. It is one of Miami’s riskiest neighborhoods. Walking and cycling at night in Overtown is unsafe due to the presence of gangs. Female alone travelers prefer day travels. To prevent being a thief’s target, avoid going out alone. Cash theft is infrequent on public transit due to the low crime rate.

3. Downtown

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Are you at ease in the city’s financial district? This well-known neighborhood has 30 065 residents and a high violent crime rate. In a 100,000-person zone, there were 10,146 crimes committed, including 1,195 violent crimes and 8,951 property offenses. Since 2000, there has been a considerable decline in crime in the area.

Local law enforcement will almost certainly play an essential role. During the day, cycling or walking around Downtown is more pleasurable. Danger lurks in the city’s underground for late-night walkers. After the sun goes down, book a separate room or share one with another traveler. Panhandlers are visible because of the significant number of homeless inhabitants in this Miami neighborhood. Using public transit discourages pickpockets.

4. Little Haiti

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Also known as Lemon City, Haitians and other Caribbean immigrants are concentrated. On the other hand, the country’s high crime rate and lack of cultural attractions will drive many Haitians overseas. As a result, some tourists have acquired a dislike for the location. In Miami, this is a high-risk neighborhood. While overall crime is down, violent crime is growing.

Residents claim that cops are not paying enough attention. After sunset, guests are not permitted to ride or walk bicycles or loiter in the neighborhood. Women who are alone in the middle of the night are the most vulnerable. Murders in public places have garnered less media coverage. It’s reassuring to know that everything will be well and that you can relax.

5. Allapattah

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Dominicans used to dominate this territory, but they no longer do. The city is located 15 miles north of the metropolis and has 48,221 people. It is South Florida’s most violent neighborhood. There have been a few crimes committed here, but not many.

Despite the presence of police personnel, crime has increased by a factor of 125. Except for east and north of 9th Avenue, walking and cycling are safe in the neighborhood at any time of day or night. Only a few hotels deserve special recognition. All modes of mobility are safe, including public transportation, walking, and paying for the vehicle.

6. Little Havana

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Cuban immigrants founded it west of town. The population of this town is 56,682. This location, on the other hand, has a high crime rate. Vehicle theft and gang activity are common. Despite the presence of gangs, Miami believes that the neighborhood is safe. Residents warn one another about the risks of strolling down the Street at any time of day or night. Little Havana is located on the west side of 22nd Street and the south side of 8th Street.

7. Wynwood


A total of 17,923 people live in this Miami neighborhood. In 2018, more than 8,588 reported offenses, 782 of which were violent and 8,807 of which were property-related. Vehicle theft and break-ins are becoming more common. Despite having a crime rate that is 106 percent higher than the national average, the neighborhood is devoid of cops. Traveling throughout the day improves the whole travel experience. Ladies should be cautious at night. As a result, transit theft has decreased. As a result, your funds are safe.

This is a relatively densely inhabited area. 49,734 people are living there. This area is densely occupied by tiny criminals and the hazards that come with them. There are 2,158 theft-related offenses per 100,000 people in the United States every year. The requirement for law enforcement to act quickly thwarts criminals’ goals. People stroll and pedal at various times of the day and night. Women should use extra caution and take all necessary safety precautions after 9 p.m. Commuters are rarely targeted by pickpockets, so keep your stuff close at reach.

8. Upper Eastside

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It has 7,725 people and is located east of Little Haiti. The crime rate in this neighborhood is 98 percent higher than the national average, and it is anticipated to grow by 2 percent next year. We may finally breathe a sigh of relief now that the cops appear to be looking into it. Hikers and cyclists will like this path. Women are allowed to enter and exit any day or night. Cash muggings have decreased since panhandling and pick-pocketing were made illegal.

9. South Coconut Grove

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The grove contains 7,956 trees. This part of town is safer than the others. This location has a crime rate that is 3% lower than the national average. Property crime isn’t always seen as a bad thing. Despite the high rate of robbery and vehicle theft, officers are stationed across the city. Female lone travelers prefer to walk or cycle at any time of day. It makes no difference if you take the train or a taxi.


Is visiting Miami, Florida, safe? Miami was named one of the worst places to live in 2016 by Money magazine. Property crimes outnumber violent crimes in Miami (42 per 1,000 people). One in every twenty-four residents is a victim of violent or property crime.

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