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Why Should You Choose To Live In Sunny Isles, Miami?

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To live in  Sunny Isles, Miami  beach real estate is a choice that you will have to make because of the detailed environment that supports it. A mixed culture which you will adore mixing with, compassionate residents who welcome you, and the awe-inspiring travelers who befriend you are the basic attractions for you. And what are they?

Added to all these are sun-seeking families, waifish models, distinguished senior citizens, the most affordable restaurants and hotels, the kid-friendliest beaches, and amateur architecture critics. With the alias of “America’s Riviera,” you get galleries, museums, and theatres within a radius of North Miami Beach. Miami Beach is like a twin-city: North Beach and South Beach.

Culture and Custom

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Immigrants constitute a majority of the Cuban population. Cuban culture has influenced the city’s architecture, music, and food. Spanish is the first language, and there is a thriving gay community in South Beach. Even there is a special event, better known as Winter Party, for the LGBT. A big Annual Even known as Miami Beach Gay Pride is held in April

Best things to do

  • Meant for the moneyed crowd, the Lincoln Road Mall and Agua Spa are most favorites
  • Comfortable Clothing Decadent Experience
  • Drinks and nightclubs and bars
  • Ancient Spanish Monastery for the sophisticated art deco architecture
  • Relaxing on the sand; lounging on the beach, swimming, surfing, and kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • Parasailing tour or Jet Ski

What to Eat?

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Fusion of cuisine and smells are the specialties of Miami sea Beach. These smells are Cuban, Asian, Peruvian, American, and the Caribbean, individually or collectively. It is for you to choose. You can still get them at relatively lower prices. You will be satisfied with moderately priced eateries in the South Beach area. If you want more affordable, you can always visit the side streets.

For meals, you should not miss certain signature items such as stone crab, empanadas, ceviche, Cuban pork sandwiches, and pastries filled with savory or sweet fillings (pastelitos).

To enjoy the best of Miami’s food, get prepared to attend the South Food & Wine Festival, a five-day event held in February every year. You get cutting-edge recipes from renowned chefs.



Cruising on the Miami Coastline “Miami Vice-Style” speedboat is sure to drain a good amount of adrenaline when your captain pilots down the sandy shoreline. Fisher Island is what you can view, along with the homes of multi-millionaires.

Biscayne Bay Jet Ski Tour

It is just breathtaking to view the waterfront of Miami. You have an hour’s Jet Sky tour along Biscayne Bay. You can have a view of the sun-splashed downtown skyline of Miami. While viewing Venetian Islands, you can see the Port of Miami, the multi-millionaire mansions of the affluent, and celebrities. If you are interested in sea life, you can have closer views of dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, manatees, and other ocean wildlife.

Miami Skyline 90 Min Cruise

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This 90-min cruise starts from Biscayne Bay and takes you around several important places worth seeing. First, you come across Al Capone’s Mansion. You will then come across several Islands that house mansions of millionaires and billionaires from around the world. These Islands are Sunset Islands, Hibiscus Island, Venetian Islands, Palm Island, and Fischer Islands. You see the natural beauty of those mansions only when you see them from the water while cruising. Your guide will make you acquainted with the real estate Sunny Isle, Miami,

You can see the famous villa of Michaela on Hibiscus, Flagger Island, Al Capone’s Mansion, and Standard Spa located at Belle Island, Villa Angela at San Marco Island.

While cruising, you can still enjoy a bar onboard, serving beverages and snacks. You can view from the large open windows of the air-conditioned rooms of the yacht.

Saving Money in Miami Beach

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  • Business travelers usually don’t visit Miami Beach during weekdays. Therefore, it is cheaper to visit Miami during weekdays
  • To get the advantage of early bird, try arriving at the bar or club of your choice before they raise the price or start charging a cover. Check the website earlier to be sure of the cover charges. It is a hopping luxury that many may not be able to afford.
  • Enjoying Miami, moving around inaccessible open areas won’t cost you anything. You may stroll through the Lincoln Road Mall or saunter down Ocean Drive. The best thing to do is sit and watch cruise ships rolling from South Pointe Park and Pier.
  • Low-cost carriers like Allegiant, Southwest, and Spirit have no stoppage at Miami International Airport. But Port Lauderdale has a Hollywood Airport. To save on your airfare, you may consider flying to Fort Lauderdale. From there, you can rent a car or can take a shuttle to travel 30 miles to Miami Beach.

Best months to visit

Between March and May is the best for visiting Miami Beach because the sun shines with all its temperature. The temperatures are as high as the 70s and as low as the 80s during the daytime. You can also sidestep the peak winter rates. Sub-tropical climate prevails in this part of Florida. It is warm and a bit rainy throughout the year. Thus, even in summer, don’t forget to carry an umbrella with you.

Hurricane is the worst weather scenario you can expect to happen in Miami. Atlantic hurricane usually occurs from June to November. So Miami may experience torrential downpours during this period.

Precipitation and temperature increase during summer. Therefore Visit Miami sees low in-flight charges, hotel charges, and your overall expenses.

Before you make your visit acquire a little more knowledge about Miami Sea Brach so that you can relax along the sands of Haulover Park or Lummus Park; most importantly, you must learn a bit more about architecture on an art deco tour. In any case, you can’t say goodbye to Miami Beach without enjoying cocktails at a bar.

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