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What Are The 5 Real Estate Factors To Consider For A Good Property?

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Real estate provides a long-term stable income to investors and protection from inflation. Investors can opt for having an equity or ownership position in properties. If the well-managed properties have low leverage, they offer higher returns than high-grade corporate debt.

The largest of the real estate is residential and owner-occupied. The commercial or rental properties include an office building, distribution facilities, shopping centers, and for-rent residential properties.

If you are considering buying a suitable property, the best among the 5 Real Estate factors is as below are the most important. The millennial tastes and preferences shape the Sunny Isles real estate for sale.

Such locations have excellent transport links, a good feeling of community and good schools. Secondly, a good or a wrong location has transitioned to up-gradation within a few years.

How to choose the best property for yourself?

The following are the objective factors determining a suitable property’s desirability.

1: Location

Location - real estate sunny isles - The Gosalia group

   i. Centrality: Highly developed cities have no room for additional growth and thus have much higher prices. Location impacts the economic theory of supply and demand when sprawling cities experience a population exodus because the property value of outlying areas tends to suffer.

   ii. Neighborhood: This is dependent upon your personal choice. However, appearance, accessibility, and amenities are the essential common factors. Appearance may include landscaping, large tree, and parks. Accessibility may consist of access to roads and public transportation, proximity to transit routes, and point of entry. Amenities may include schools, their quality of teaching, and distance from your home… The neighborhood’s safety is equally essential, denoted by the low crime rate.

   iii. Development: Present amenities such as schools, public transportation, hospitals, and improvement plans should be considered. See if any residential plot or any new public or commercial development will affect the desirability of the adjoining areas. The area may evolve into a noisy manufacturing facility in the mid-to-long-term view. You can collect the prospects by contacting town hall or agencies in charge of urban planning or zoning

   iv. Property Details: The property’s location should be such that you are welcome with a comprehensive view of the bay with a silhouetted sunset. While engaged in this breathtaking location, you merrily relax on your terrace and watch the sailing yachts.

A few words of warning are that properties near hospitals, fire stations, community centers, or schools may lower the value because of the traffic and noise. Similarly, if the house is on a busy road or church or next to a commercial property such as gas satiation, or grocery store, the price may be low because of the same reason.

A less attractive house may cost you less than a little better one. So you have to consider whether you want to invest in new construction or existing property. In case you decide to demolish, the depreciated value of the less attractive house can be updated, replaced, renovated, and added on to. You can access the infrastructural development over the next few years to make an informed decision.

2: Property Type & Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies - sunny isles properties - The Gosalia group

The properties can be categorized as residential, commercial retail, and industrial. Because of the lowest risk, it returns between 1 to 4 %. Due to immigrants’ heavy influx to Miami, there have been potential population growths. Hence investing in residential property is too safe. With a little more risk, you can invest in industrial, commercial, and retail property for a return of 6% to 12%. Warehouses and retail buildings need higher capital investment.

You should be aware of investment strategies Airbnb rentals, house flipping, and rental properties. Real estate investment trust and private equity funds, real estate mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds are ways to pool passive funds.

3: Finances

Finances - sunny isles beach real estate - TGG

Cole White has recommended that to start with the real estate business, one must be economically robust for the subsequent period of fourteen months of starting the company on its financial strength. Investment in real estate pays fewer dividends than what it consumes. Therefore, you should have a surplus emergency fund of savings or a reliable source of income. It would help if you got engaged in minority saving for generating sufficient funds for investment in your project. You can even opt for loans such as FHAQ 203 (K).

You must make a budget before choosing to acquire a property. Your budget should include charges payable to Bank and the estimated fees for hiring a professional real estate agent.

4: Real Estate Appraisal

Real Estate Appraisal - sunny isles properties TGG

Before plunging into a particular real estate business, you need to determine the economic value of the property by generating an Appraisal Report by a professional property appraiser. The following are the various valuation methods for deducing the value of a property.

The Net Operating Income (NOI) accessed is made half by the capitalization rate. i) Income Approach: This approach is better applicable in the case of buying property for rental or commercial purposes. Through this approach, you can better find out the income your property will generate.

 i. Cost Approach considers the cost of acquiring the property from scratch
 ii. Sales Comparison Approach enables comparison with other similar properties that have been traded newly in that location. By estimating its value nearer to actual, you can take make an informed decision

5: Evaluate Your Mortgage

Evaluate Your Mortgage - sunny isles real estate - TGG

If you are investing in buying a single-family home, or a combo, or a top penthouse in Miami, you may be required to take a mortgage for your investment on your residential property. In that case, you have to decide the mortgage that will best suit your residential property, as suggested by Elon York, Realtor of Florida.


If you intend to dwell in the newly bought property for a short term before you decide to lease, it will be better for you to use an adjustable-rate mortgage. The simple reason for such a decision is that the initial interest rate is comparatively lower than a fixed-rate mortgage, and it will be more cost-effective.

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