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Are Oceania Towers Worth Investing In Sunny Isles, Miami?

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Since time immemorial, tourists and residents alike avoided the districts north of South Beach since it felt like the only place to be in Miami. Even though it’s no longer a party hotspot, today’s South Beach is a bit of a drab wasteland with little room for growth and development. This year, the northern beaches have become increasingly attractive.

Specifically, North Beach and Sunny Isles Beach are experiencing a resurgence in the construction of high-end luxury homes and a thriving downtown area with restaurants and boutiques. In contrast to the bustle of South Beach, both locations are tranquil and restful. They also have lesser commercial buildings, hotels, and condos, creating a sense of neighborhood. These aren’t the next generation of South Beaches; they are the today.

Oceania Towers in Sunny Isles is one of these. Luxurious facilities and easy access to other amenities make Oceania Sunny Isles an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-end residence. The Oceania Club in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, serves as a full-service private membership beach club and spa with five luxurious high-rise condominium towers. Fine dining, access to a fitness club, a hotel with high-end salon services, tennis, racquetball, and beach service are just a few of the amenities available to residents at the luxury resort. A relaxing South Florida beach resort life awaits you.

However, when faced with a sea of properties that all look the same and offer the same amenities at nearly the same costs, it might be tough to determine why Oceania Sunny Isles should be your first pick. Not to worry, in this essay, we will present a compelling case for why Oceania Towers are a worthwhile investment and why they are poised to become the best popular residential project.


Generally speaking, Miami’s real estate market is doing quite well. The city’s waterfront location and increasing reputation as a cultural and design powerhouse appeal. Having no income tax in Florida provides it an additional advantage. Here are a few reasons why investing in Oceania Towers is a good idea, and you should get to it:


1. Oceania Club with Its Many Amenities

oceania club with amenities - Oceania Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

There are Life Exercise machines, personal trainers, basketball and racquetball courts, and fitness classes available at Oceania Club. They provide these services seven days a week and can also be accessed online via Zoom.

It was decided to build a new Clubhouse Online Mobile App that would allow members to book court & fitness bookings, meal orders, and restaurant reservations. As part of the Club’s new Marketplace Program, Food & Beverage implemented and introduced To-Go, Delivery, and Curbside services.

Additional improvements have been made to the Club’s Beach Services. A new bespoke beach tent and tablecloth were made, and our beach service personnel now wear Oceania uniforms! As a result, we implemented hand-rolled towels and installed additional beach service flags on our lounge chairs.

2. Oceania Special Spa

oceania special spa - Oceania Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

Guests can choose from a wide range of treatments at Oceania’s state-of-the-art spa, a one-of-a-kind facility in the Caribbean. The massage therapies provided by Oceania’s highly-trained massage therapists are designed to assist guests in maintaining a healthy way of life.

As an alternative to regular massages, several specialized therapies are available, each of which employs a particular manner of applying pressure and moving the body. Couples treatments are available at the spa, including Swedish and deep tissue massages, hot stone massages, and lymphatic drainage techniques, as well as a variety of specialty treatments.

Massage therapists use the therapeutic power of touch to alleviate stress and provide a wide range of specialized therapies to their patients. Additionally, an in-depth study by a team of professionals is included in the Oceania Custom Facial package.

3. Dining at Oceania

dining at oceania - Oceania Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

The Oceania Club and Spa restaurants provide exclusive services for indoor and outdoor dining. Additionally, they offer dinner at the view and special settings for dinner at the beach locations. They make the options more diverse and fun, making the overall experience something people wouldn’t miss.

4. Located in an Up and coming Area in Terms of Real Estate

located in an up in real estate - Oceania Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

Oceania Real Estate is in Sunny Isles has beautifully refurbished condos, assigned parking, and a fantastic location set this building apart. Oceania 5 Sunny Isles is at 16500 Collins Avenue. This property is conveniently located between Sunny Isles and Miami, known for its fine dining and shopping.

You’ll feel at ease as soon as you enter the Oceania 5 Sunny Isles Condo. This area is the best to invest in at the moment because it’s offering the best and highest priced condos and other luxury residences at the moment. Oceania 5 Sunny Isles Condo has 157 units per tower, making it a boutique condo project where residents may express their personality and taste. The sales and value only seem to grow.

5. No Personal Income Tax Levy

Florida is well-known for not having a state income tax; however, people are still subject to federal income tax regulations. There is less to keep track of throughout the year for the state tax season, which means that you can save more money.

6. Strong Local Investments

The location is so popular with tourists and locals; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to invest in local businesses and initiatives. The return on your investment in real estate in Florida is expected to soar over time if you perform your due diligence and engage an expert to assist you. Alternatively, you may want to explore purchasing a second home.

7. Miami is an Attractive Tourist Destination

Make the most of the local amenities by purchasing a house in a popular destination. Your home will be in high demand for long-term holiday rentals during the summer months, and students will be interested in renting it for the rest of the year if you’re investing.


Besides being a popular tourist destination, Florida is also a great place to invest in real estate. The Oceania Towers has all of the essential supply-demand aspects covered. Jobs are an integral part of any economy and a major determinant in demand for real estate.”

Demand for real estate is driven by rising populations and the greatest places to invest exhibit steady population expansion. Miami is a city where this is a real occurrence. Florida is also ahead of the rest of the United States in terms of employment. As a result, investing in Oceania Towers is a wise decision.

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