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North Florida V/s. South Florida: Which Is The Best Place To Invest?

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Despite the devastation brought on by natural catastrophes, Florida remains a hotspot for real estate. Florida’s real estate values were unchanged by Hurricane Irma’s destruction of roofs around the state.

The housing stock in Florida is designed to withstand natural calamities, and despite this, individuals want to live there. Due to the state’s robust economy, the real estate sector can recover after major catastrophes.

populated city in North Florida, Jacksonville - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

The most populated city in North Florida, Jacksonville, has one of the state’s most competitive real estate markets, with a typical home value of $143,267 and a median rent of almost $1,000 per month.

People are drawn to the city’s low cost of living and business-friendly atmosphere.

The second-largest city in the region is Tallahassee, which has a slightly higher median home value of $145,298. Its affordability is another important draw; however, the restricted supply affects purchasers’ choices.

Already, the number of available homes surpasses the rate at which properties are sold.

the no. of available homes - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The gosalia Group

The typical house value in Pensacola currently stands at $123,476, and it is expected to increase by 3.67 percent throughout the next year. Similar to Tallahassee, homes in Pensacola sell before they can even be listed.

South Florida’s real estate costs are higher, whereas North Florida offers more reasonably priced houses. South Florida’s largest industry is tourism, unlike North Florida’s far more diverse economy.

Miami, known for its beaches and opulent locales, was recently ranked as the fourth most valuable real estate market in 2017, with a total value of $857.66billion. The median property price in the city has increased by 1.89 percent to $302,435 in the last 12 months

But when you focus on the well-known Miami Beach neighborhood, you’ll discover that condominiums or co-ops run about $351,367, while a single-family house would cost $1.43 million.

Several condominiums, beachfront homes, eateries, beach resorts, and Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach draw tourists to the area. Unlike Fort Lauderdale, another well-liked tourist destination, Miami is more expensive to buy a property. The median price of a property in Fort Lauderdale is $292,546.

property price in Florida - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The gosalia Group

In general, purchasing a property in Florida is a wise investment given the high cost of real estate in other states. Still, North Florida appears to provide more affordable housing options.

It is preferable for anyone wishing to relocate to Florida to look for houses in the state’s northern region, which has a more welcoming atmosphere for employment and focuses on industries other than tourism.

The main drawback is that there is much more competition for house buyers because North Florida has fewer listings. Whether this issue will be resolved before 2018 is an open question.

For the time being, prospective purchasers can wait for changes in the property market in the spring.

Sands Pointe Apartments, the 27-story luxury building Sunny Isles is situated on a 400-foot section of the recently enlarged Sunny Isles Beach. The Atlantic Ocean borders Sunny Isles Beach, Miami’s City of Sun and Sea, on the east, and the Intracoastal Waterway on the west.

The large floor plans at Sands Pointe condominiums Sunny Isles, which include two and three bedrooms, range in size from 1,450 to 2,180 square feet. Sands Pointe Ocean Beach condominiums, made up of 227 homes and dispersed along South Florida’s famed sandy white coasts, have direct access by private lifts to a 700-foot length of sandy beach with ocean views.

Each house in Sands Pointe has various luxurious features and facilities. You’ll never grow tired of your stunning views, just a few feet from the glistening Atlantic Ocean. These large residences provide breathtaking views from every area. Decora, these modern residences include sliding glass doors and Easy Touch light switches in every room, adding to their opulent appearance.

Every Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles home features raised ceilings, ambient lighting, and elegant ceramic tile flooring in the kitchens, breakfast areas, and laundry rooms for a luxurious atmosphere. You can live comfortably in this desired neighborhood thanks to the numerous built-in storage spaces and the unique granite countertops.

Every home in Sands Pointe has several opulent amenities and features. From every angle, these spacious homes provide breathtaking vistas. Your spectacular views, which are only a few feet from the shimmering Atlantic Ocean, will never get old.

Raised ceilings, ambient lighting, and beautiful ceramic tile flooring in the kitchens, breakfast nooks, and laundry rooms create an opulent ambiance in each Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles residence. Decora Sliding glass doors and Easy Touch light switches can be found in every room of these contemporary homes, adding to their great appeal. Thanks to the various built-in storage areas and the distinctive granite worktops, you can live comfortably in this desirable neighborhood.

Direct beach access and all beach services are available. People and pets seeking an apartment or condo are welcome in this complex.

high rise hotels and beachside hotels - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The gosalia Group

HIGH-RISE HOTELS AND Beachside Condos WITH Luxurious PENTHOUSES AND STUNNING OCEAN VIEWS ARE LOCATED IN SUNNY ISLES BEACH; A CASUAL AND BUDDING. You may cast a line from the Newport Fishing Pier, which also has lovely white sand beaches and open ocean waves if you wish to go fishing. The Sands Pointe Pier, 489 feet long, is the second-longest in Florida and was built in 1889. Beautiful ocean vistas and the year bay breezes are provided. The Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles is situated on the coastline and offers breathtaking views and cool marine breezes.

Additionally, it is accessible to all of Miami’s facilities, including dining establishments, retail stores, and nightlife. With its gorgeous beaches and excellent weather, SUNNY ISLES is one of South Florida’s newest popular locations.

You might reside close to a variety of mouthwatering eateries, including Sands Pointe Sunny Isles condominiums. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest deals on the beach, with a magnificent 400-foot length of private white sand beach. Utilize it right away and make it your home!

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