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Everything To Know About Sunny Isles Beach, Florida Before Investing!

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Just north of Miami is a beautiful island called the Sunny Isles, the “City of Sun and Sea?” As its name suggests, sunny isles experience endless sunny days with relaxing weather – it is located west of the Atlantic Ocean and east of the Intracoastal Waterway, with a gorgeous ocean view as far as the eyes can see.

Sunny isle is located to the south of boulevards of Fort Lauderdale, which are sleeked and lined with palm trees. The South Beach, open to all, is one of the most attractive spots for tourists and locals to relax; moreover, there is also the Trump International Beach resort for the fun of the beach and the luxurious benefits of the resort’s services.

Sunny Isles is a hotspot for luxury condos and real estate where the priority lies in the owner’s comfort and privacy. When you wish to have a getaway from the city life that stresses you out, sunny isles condos will prove to be the perfect aid to such worries.

You can access such a fun and relaxing experience by contacting experienced and good brokers. They will introduce you to the perfect place to stay, such as the Jade Ocean Condos Sunny Isles, and will subsequently cut you deals at attractive prices with attractive features.

There is a lot to know about Sunny Isles because this place may be small, but it is dearly loved by everyone who visits it or lives in it. This community is primarily residential and thus a great business to be in when you wish to experience nothing but positive vibes away from a tension-filled day back in your routine life.

Sunny Isles is one of the most popular localities in Miami, Florida – and it is therefore actively sought out when it comes to real estate. People interested in building real estate properties find this island appealing because of its temperate weather and the beautiful ocean view that is easily accessible from most areas on the island.

Building appealing and gorgeous condos in the Sunny Isles has proven to provide a relaxing time for many people, including those who wish to vacation and those who are interested in investing in real estate.

If you are one of those interested persons, here is more of what you should acknowledge about sunny isles to be sold to the idea.

1. Safe Locality

Safe Locality - Jade Ocean Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

In Florida, Sunny isles come under the Top 20 safest communities, and within Miami, it ranks within the Top 10. Since sunny isles are primarily residential, it is composed of people who are vastly familiar with each other. Even tourists are those who stay in the outskirts and come down into the town to unwind.

The walkability of the streets is open for all and an encouraging feat since the locals also prefer walking for travel. The community’s safety can be proven with this factor – since even those who live in the sunny isles see no issues in strolling in the streets.

2. Diverse Demographics

Diverse demographic - Jade Ocean Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

Sunny Isles is a mix of nationalities, races, and ages since the average resident age falls at 44 years old. With this diverse demographic, there is little to no worry about feeling like an outcast. The residents come from all around the world, and moreover, it is a famous tourist spot and would therefore have people from different corners of the Earth.

You will feel the friendliness and warmth of the locals by how they interact with each other and those who come for vacations. This diversity also helps one learn more about different cultures and indulge in exploring different cuisines, fashion, and other aspects.

3. Lifestyle

Lifestyle - Jade Ocean Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

When you opt for luxury condos like that of Jade Ocean Condos Sunny Isles, you open a Pandora box of features in a house that goes beyond your imagination. Sunny Isles is home to posh and luxurious real estate’s such as the Porsche Design Tower and Armani Residences.

The high-end residences allow you to have a comfortable and private experience in the sunny isles, away from the hustle and bustle of the local streets but not far from it. It is a small area where you can easily walk, drive, or take public transit to various spots and establishments. The oceanfront view highlights these condos and the beautiful architecture and landscaping that make your stay in sunny isles even more enjoyable.

4. Community Aspects

This island has a population of just over 20,000 and is mostly residential, so there is a friendly and hospitable community. Sunny Isles is not overcrowded, which allows you to relax – as a change from the busy city life. Several events occur in Sunny Isles, such as the Miami Fashion week or the Art Basel.

The beach is obvious. Since it is a hotspot for those in Miami as well, Sunny isles are subjected to fests regularly. These allow you to get involved in and appreciate the local talent of Sunny isles with more depth.

There are ten known parks in Sunny Isles where one can have a relaxing picnic or exercise with access to the equipment available in the park.

5. The Prime Location

Sunny Isles may be on the northern coast of Miami, but it is not far from the heart of Miami, where the Aventura Mall and Bal Harbour shops are a highlight. The beautiful skyline architectural buildings with varying shops from local businesses to designer boutiques can be seen; it also has high-end dining options.


Sunny Isles is the perfect spot to experience the luxury of a posh life and the down-to-earth moments with the local shops. Several bars, cafes, and restaurants constitute cuisines worldwide to satisfy your taste.

Adding to this, grocery shops and other such necessary establishments are also within walking distance for easy access.

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