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Living In Sunny Isles – Get Started With This Information!

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Sunny Isles Beach, nicknamed “The City of Sun and Sea,” offers a sparkling beachfront skyline of luxury high-rise condominiums and hotels and residential areas of well-appointed single-family homes. The unique mix of stores, cafes, and restaurants that line the City’s vibrant Collins Avenue strip reflects Sunny Isles Beach’s global richness, while the clean beach has a tranquil, relaxed air.

Sunny Isles Beach is a distinctively South Floridian blend of luxury living, a relaxed attitude, and breathtaking natural beauty. It appeals to individuals seeking peace and community and convenient access to world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Let’s look at what makes Sunny Isles Beach such a desirable area.

Sunny Isles Beach Information

La Perla Ocean Residences Sunny Isles Beach is located in the northeastern section of Miami-Dade County, the much more populous County in Florida. The City ranks 15th in population among all 34 municipalities in the County, with a population estimated at 22,123 people. The City is situated on a barrier island surrounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. The City was built primarily for residential uses.

The City was founded in 1997 and is governed by a mayor-commission-manager system. The governing commission, which includes a mayor and a four-member Commission, has policy-making and legislative authority.

The City Commission has policy-making authority, including the power to pass the yearly budget, approve general purchases and services for governmental operations, appoint committees, and hire the City Manager and City Attorney. The City Manager is in charge of recommending and carrying out the City Commission’s policies and ordinances, appointing the directors of the City’s departments, hiring staff, submitting a suggested yearly budget, advising the commission on the City’s financial condition, and supervising the day-to-day processes of the City.

The City is divided into four districts, with one Commissioner assigned to each. Each Commissioner is elected for a four-year term “at large.” The Mayor is chosen “at large” and serves a four-year term.

Sunny Isles Beach Attractions

  • The Shops at Bal Harbourthe shops at bal harbour - La Perla Ocean Residences Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

This beautiful outdoor shopping mall is well-known all over for its remarkable array of designer stores and high-end dining options.

Bal Harbour Shops is a fashion destination, and the stunning landscape, which includes tropical trees, flowers, and quiet pools, creates an elegant environment for a relaxing customer experience.

Celebrities, fashionistas, and socialites can be found here, perusing the latest collections from designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney. At Bal Harbour Shops, you’ll also find upmarket Italian classics at Carpaccio, a creative take on Japanese cuisine at Makoto, and an innovative and elegant menu at Le Zoo.

  • ESPA Acqualina SpaESPA acqualina spa - La Perla Ocean Residences Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

This luxurious sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation is found in the Acqualina Resort and Residences. When Sunny Isles Beach residents want to pamper themselves, they come to this beautiful 20,000-square-foot facility. The ocean views over the white sand beach are soothing enough, but that’s only the beginning.

Acqualina Spa, designed as a location to spend the whole day, takes its clients on a “journey” that begins with therapeutic body treatments, continues with yoga and meditation, and concludes with poolside relaxation and a sumptuous spa meal. Acqualina Spa has cutting-edge treatment rooms, healing warmth and water rituals, meditation lounges, and a pool on the outdoor terrace retreat. The spa also has a popular boutique selling upscale resort apparel.

  • The Haulover Parkthe haulover park - La Perla Ocean Residences Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

One of Sunny Isles Beach’s most stunning outdoor beach spots may be found at the southern end of Collins Avenue. Haulover Park, located on the barrier island’s southern tip, is a great area to spend the day. Swim, relax in the park, or sit on the sand and do nothing. Haulover Park has a variety of amenities, including public restrooms and a few food trucks.

Some beaches around the coast are clothing-optional, so choose your stretches of sand carefully if you don’t want an eyeful.

  • A historic Spanish monastery

This medieval Spanish monastery seems to be well worth a look for a truly unique and fascinating experience. It’s about a 15-minute drive from Sunny Isles Beach in North Miami Beach. Initially built in the 12th century in Segovia, Spain, the monastery was disassembled during social unrest in the 1830s and converted into a granary and stable.

William Hearst bought the structure in 1925 and moved it to the United States. The story continues with numerous twists and turns, leading directly to the monastery’s $20 million renovation. The Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida now owns the “world’s largest jigsaw puzzle” and provides English and Spanish services. It’s an excellent destination to visit if you want to see a beautiful and essential European building, and the helpful staff is always available to explain the complete tale.

  • Hollywood Boulevard

The Florida coastline is home to some of the best beaches in the world, and Hollywood Beach is just a short distance north of Sunny Isles Beach. Hollywood Beach is one of the nicest in Florida; the gorgeous white sands and shimmering turquoise ocean will take your breath away.

The boardwalk that extends along the beach’s edge is over two kilometers long. There are sweeping views of the coastline, excellent restaurants, and fantastic pubs here, all of which give incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean while you relax in the sun and watch the world go by.

  • Church of St. Bernard de Clairvaux

If you want to go away from the beaches and surroundings, the old St Bernard de Clairvaux Church is located outside Sunny Isles Beach. This is one of the most exciting places to see; the church was built in the 12th century in the Spanish town of Segovia. On the other hand, the monastery was demolished and relocated to Florida in the early twentieth century, which is now an exciting piece of local history.


Luxury hotel buildings surround golden beaches and lush green like the renowned Heritage Park. Enjoy a spa day at one of the numerous beautiful resorts and an evening of world-class cuisine.

Sunny Isles Beach provides a wide choice of hotels and amenities that will satisfy you! Guests may unwind on extensive stretches of pristine beach, attend outdoor concerts, or even fish off the area’s first pier. There are numerous nearby attractions if you want to explore the surrounding area.

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