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Off-Beach V/s. Beachfront Property: Understanding The Difference!

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Most real estate agents will agree that selling real estate is similar to selling dreams. We’re not just selling houses; we’re selling a new way of life in which the potential buyer’s imagination is only restricted by their brilliant imagination. Yes, real estate sales are selling dreams, and none comes close to living directly on the Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles, choosing to ignore the ocean in a tropical paradise surrounded by unspoiled nature.

This fantasy has become a reality on the Riviera Maya. The Yucatan Peninsula is vast, with seemingly endless yards of breathtaking oceanfront. Yes, we all want to wake up to the sounds and sights of the sea, particularly here in the Caribbean heaven of the Riviera Mayas.

We’ve lived here since we’ve lived here. You don’t have to live straight on the beach to live the beach lifestyle. There are numerous options for living the dream lifestyle. Property slightly off the seafront is the ideal gateway to the attractive Caribbean lifestyle and can often come with many additional benefits that help shape the relaxed beach lifestyle.

Oceanfront living, in our opinion, does not have to be directly on the water. Here are our top reasons for thinking about moving away from the sea in your search for a new home.

Money Well Spent

Money well spent - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

A home directly on the beach can often cost significantly more than a house mildly set from the beach. It varies depending on location, but the same type of home can cost four or five times as much if it is situated on the beachfront instead of a few steps away.

A similar size and style of the house a little farther away from the ocean can cost significantly less while providing immediate access to that incredible beach life we all crave. Getting the benefit of the Riviera Maya’s stunning natural beauty, there are many real estate’s conveniently close to the ocean, giving almost instant access to the beach.

While you may wish to live on the oceanfront, the absolute dream is to live on the beach and spend time in everyone’s favorite natural setting without packing up the car and traveling a long distance. Living a five-minute walk from the coast can provide you with the immersive experience you seek while also saving you money.

Services and Facilities

services and facilities - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

Several of the oceanfront characteristics of the Riviera Maya are located in communities that offer a variety of amenities. Because oceanfront land is so valuable, communal space can sometimes be kept to essentials to maximize the number of housing available at Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles. Residential communities can afford much additional space for amenities slightly off the beach, where land is readily available, and thus can offer a wider variety of services for you to appreciate.

The amenities in a community just off the beach are often more extensive, plentiful, and diverse. Most oceanfront communities, for example, will have a fitness center, a pool house, and a fitness center, whereas those set back from the beach may have numerous swimming pools, cafes and restaurants, beach clubs, ball fields, and even golf courses.

Repairs and Costs

repairs and cost - Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles - The Gosalia Group

While the oceanside property will undoubtedly cost much more than a home a little off the beach, it will also come with higher monthly expenses and the possibility of more expensive repairs. Homeowners’ insurance for an oceanfront property is more costly, and you will also need flood insurance if the tide rises. Repairs on the oceanfront may also be more expensive because of potential harm from sea air erosion or shifting Sands Pointe Condos Sunny Isles.

Family and Friends

Interaction with neighbors is one of the most fantastic aspects of living in a community. Those who decide to retire to the Riviera Maya often share a similar outlook on life; they find peaceful joy in the naturalistic way of the Mayan jungle, and they enjoy a friendly, social community based on the simple principle of happiness.

Pleasure is contagious, and a person who lives among people who share your values can rub off on you. Neighbors can assist you to quickly discovering your feet in a new nation by connecting you to a network of individuals keen to incorporate you into the day-to-day activities of the community.

Storm Protection

Although we live in an area where hurricanes are possible, it is not an issue we ever encounter or recognize as a hazard to our daily lives. If you have read this in horror from a region where storms are not a threat, you should not be concerned. Hurricanes move at a glacial pace. There is always plenty of warning when a potential storm is forming and a lot of time to prepare and behave accordingly.

Humans have not created anything that can safeguard a home from a storm good than trees, specifically palm trees. They are nature’s perfect storm protection. They bend with the wind and protect houses by absorbing the worst weather.

Living in a slightly inland society from the beach means that Mayan jungle trees will surround you. If a storm strikes, your home will be completely safe from the high winds and rain.

Safety and comfort

Many of the Riviera Maya’s residential communities are in large master-planned neighborhoods with 24-hour-operated security gates. This can have a significant psychological impact on residents. While passing through controlled inlets and outlets is becoming a routine, we can see how residents relax. It removes your subconscious mind’s desire for security.

Those who live a simple life melt into stress relief when they return home; they are content and fearless. This sense of peace and convenience pervades the community, and we attribute it to the total gratification of the desire to feel safe.


Stepping out of your front entrance onto the beach to swim, snorkel, surf, and sunbathing are all advantages of living on the beachfront. Most people fantasize about waking up to the sea breeze and paying attention to the waves crashing on the coast at night. Beach-side estates are an excellent investment and a great source of revenue from vacation rentals.

Beachfront living has advantages and disadvantages. Beach conditions that are harsh, such as salt air corrosive environment, sand blaster from strong winds, flash floods, and humidity levels. Beachfront properties also have higher maintenance and repair costs.

Oceanfront apartments are typically located further from the beach and aren’t subject to the same harsh beach circumstances as beachfront properties. If you can get past the fact that you must drive to the beach, further away from the ocean has advantages. Oceanfront properties typically have lower maintenance costs than beachfront properties.

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