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10 Most Exclusive Premium Listings in Miami Beach

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Welcome to the sun-drenched shores of Miami Beach, where the Atlantic’s crystal-clear waters meet the soft, sandy beaches. Are you dreaming of a luxurious home in this beautiful setting? You’ve come to the right place. I’m here to guide you through the top 10 most lavish homes in Miami Beach, each a highlight of luxury on The Gosalia Group’s website. These homes truly embody luxury living in this tropical haven.

In this guide, we’ll start our journey through the exclusive world of high-end real estate in Miami Beach. So, let’s start exploring and discover the incredible homes that await you in this amazing city.


Imagine a place where sunny skies are the norm, the ocean’s waves are your constant backdrop, and living in style is just part of the daily routine. This place is Miami Beach, a location where luxury living is as natural as the warm, coastal breeze.Here, you’ll find some of the most exquisite homes, created for those who appreciate the finer things in life. In this guide, I’m excited to show you what high-end living really looks like in Miami Beach by showcasing 10 of the most exclusive and desirable properties currently on the market.

1. Jade Signature

Jade Signature, a stunning oceanfront tower in Sunny Isles Beach. This place is like a masterpiece of beautiful design. It’s not just about having big and spacious homes; it’s about living a life filled with amazing views of the ocean, and a whole lot of fantastic things to do.

When you step into Jade Signature, you’ll see that every little detail has been carefully thought out to make it super fancy. The homes here have huge windows from the floor to the ceiling, so you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the lovely gardens all around you.

But that’s not all! The cool stuff doesn’t stop at the homes. There are amazing things to do here, like hanging out at the beachfront resort area with a big swimming pool, treating yourself to a spa day, getting fit in a top-notch gym with all the latest equipment, and even grabbing a bite at the beach grill. It’s like living in a paradise within paradise!

2. Mansions at Acqualina

Mansions at Acqualina are not just regular condos; they are super fancy and luxurious. Imagine the beauty of the Mediterranean, and that’s what you get here. You can see the ocean and the city from your window, and there are private pools and amazing art all around.

The homes here are like mansions themselves, with big spaces that are beautifully done, and you even get your private terrace with fantastic views of the ocean and the city.

But here’s the coolest part: there’s a stunning swimming pool that looks like a waterfall, and the art collection all around makes life here feel really special and sophisticated. It’s like living in a dream!

3. Turnberry Ocean Club

Let’s dive into Turnberry Ocean Club, a place that’s all about being modern and stylish. It’s right by the beautiful Sunny Isles Beach, and this fancy tower has really big homes, amazing things to do, and views of the Atlantic Ocean that are just breathtaking.

Turnberry Ocean Club is all about being modern and coastal, which means it fits perfectly by the beach. The homes here have lots of space, cool kitchens, and big windows that let you enjoy those awesome views.

One thing that makes it extra special is the Sky Club. It’s like a super exclusive club with three levels. You get pools with views of the sunrise and sunset, private dining spots, and a spa. It’s where you can relax and hang out with your neighbors. It’s like living in a fancy resort all the time!

4. Porsche Design Tower

Porsche Design Tower—it’s not your typical building; it’s a really amazing architectural wonder. One of its fantastic features is a special elevator just for your car. Yep, you can park your car right by your home, and that’s a whole new level of luxury living.

This tower is like a tech marvel. That special car elevator is proof of how innovative it is. Imagine having your car right there when you need it!

And the homes here are equally impressive. They’re big and have awesome kitchens, plus you get to enjoy amazing views of the ocean and the city. It’s where luxury meets the most advanced technology.

5. Residences by Armani/Casa

Residences by Armani/Casa—they’re all about bringing the timeless beauty of the Armani brand to Miami Beach. These homes are all about luxury, style, and making you feel super comfortable. Living here is like nothing else.

One of the best parts is the spa—it’s two stories tall! You can go there to feel refreshed and relaxed. And guess what? There’s also a beachfront restaurant that serves up fantastic food. It’s like adding a touch of excellence to your daily life. Living here is all about feeling great and enjoying the good things in life!

6. Aurora Sunny Isles Beach

Aurora Sunny Isles Beach—it’s a special kind of luxury building with just 61 homes. This place is all about being cozy and private while enjoying some really stunning views of the ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Inside, everything is really modern and there’s plenty of space to relax.

But the best part? There’s a meditation garden that’s like a super peaceful place where you can get away from the noise and stress of everyday life. It’s where you can sit and just feel calm and relaxed. Living here is like having your own private retreat, and that’s pretty amazing!

7. Muse Residences

Muse Residences—they’re all about giving you a fresh way to live in style. These homes have a super cool and artistic design. They’re right by the ocean and have amazing views. Plus, they come with lots of cool stuff that you’ll love.

One of the coolest things here is the Beach Club. It’s like a masterpiece with spaces that flow together perfectly, both inside and outside. You can chill out here, meet your neighbors, and just have a great time. It’s like your personal paradise by the beach, where every day feels like a vacation!

8. Regalia Miami

Regalia Miami—it’s like a work of art when it comes to modern architecture, designed by the famous folks at Arquitectonica. There are only 39 big residences here, so it’s super private and exclusive. And the views? They’re just amazing, with the ocean and the city all around you.

Now, the best part about these homes is that they take the indoor-outdoor living idea to a whole new level. It’s like you’re living in a place where there are no walls between you and those incredible views.

But here’s something really unique—there’s a champagne bar! You can sip on the fanciest bubbly while enjoying the view. It’s like living the high life in every sense of the word.

9. The Ritz-Carlton Residences

The Ritz-Carlton Residences—they’re like a piece of the famous Ritz-Carlton brand right here in Miami Beach. These homes are all about being elegant and fancy, and they come with amazing service that’s just top-notch.

Picture a place where everything is really nice and comfortable. That’s what you get at The Ritz-Carlton Residences. The moment you walk in, you’ll see how fancy and special it is.

But the best part? There’s a private pool and beach area just for the people who live here. It’s like having your own special spot to relax and have fun. And the staff here is super helpful—they make sure you have everything you need and feel like a VIP every day. Living here is like living in a world of luxury, where everything is taken care of, and you can just enjoy the good life.

10. Oceania Island Sunny Isles

Oceania Island Sunny Isles—it’s like living in a dreamy tropical paradise. This place in Sunny Isles is more than just a home; it’s a whole lifestyle filled with luxury, comfort, and natural beauty.

Imagine waking up to the sound of ocean waves right outside your window and having a beautiful sandy beach as your backyard. Yep, that’s what life is like on Oceania Island. The homes here are designed to be super cozy and make you feel like you’re part of this amazing place.

Whether you want to relax and chill or be active and have fun, Oceania Island has it all. There are awesome amenities and views that will take your breath away. It’s where you create special memories that you’ll treasure forever.


Miami Beach is where luxury living is at its best, filled with sophistication and glamour. These properties are a magnet for informed buyers worldwide, offering everything from oceanfront estates to modern condos and historic mansions.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living a life where every day feels like a vacation, these properties can turn that dream into reality. Miami Beach isn’t just about stunning homes; it’s a city with a vibrant culture and endless possibilities, waiting for those who desire a taste of paradise.

Ready to explore these exclusive listings and find your perfect piece of luxury in Miami Beach? Visit gosaliagroup.com and start your journey towards the Miami Beach lifestyle. Your dream awaits!

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