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11 Things to Know Before Moving to Miami

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Welcome to Miami, Florida, also known as the Magic City. If you’re thinking about moving to Miami, you’ve probably heard different opinions about it. To get some honest advice and helpful tips about living here, we decided to ask the people who already live in Miami.

We talked to some Miami residents to find out what you should know if you’re new to the city. They shared information about the weather, fun things to do, traffic, and how affordable it is to live here. So get ready and take some notes – here are 12 important things you should know about living in Miami, according to the people who live here.

1. Is Miami a good place to live?

Is Miami a good place to live?

With approximately 440,000 people living in the city itself and a total of 6.14 million in the surrounding metropolitan area, it’s clear that Miami lives up to its reputation. Located in the state of Florida, Miami’s 55 square miles are filled with lively nightlife, great restaurants, and plenty of job opportunities.

2. What is the weather like in Miami?

What is the weather like in Miami?

If there’s one thing our local residents emphasize, it’s that Miami’s weather is fantastic. They proudly talk about the sunny and warm days and the pleasant, breezy nights that you can enjoy here, no matter which season it is. Miami is known as a place you can visit any time of the year, with an average yearly temperature of around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the summer months can get quite hot, the fall, winter, and spring seasons are wonderfully mild and comfortable. Miami has the best weather all year. It’s beautiful every day.

3. Does Miami have good public transportation?

Does Miami have good public transportation?

While we would like to highlight Miami’s transit system, it’s important to note that not every city can match the transportation options of a place like New York. To put it simply, the most convenient and reliable way to move around Miami is by using a car, given that attractions and restaurants are often spread out, and the road infrastructure is car-friendly. Additionally, finding parking is surprisingly convenient!

However, if you prefer to use public transportation, Miami does offer several options. The city has the Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus systems, providing easy transportation choices for both residents and visitors. The Metrorail serves various neighborhoods, while the Metromover offers a free and efficient way to travel downtown. Keep in mind that there may be fares and fees for some services. It might take a bit of time to become familiar with the system, but with patience, Miami’s public transit can be a great way to avoid traffic congestion.

4. Is it expensive to live in Miami?

Let’s be straightforward about it. Enjoying the sun, sand, surf, warm weather, and amazing food in Miami comes with a price tag. Yes, Miami is on the expensive side, and it wouldn’t be honest to say otherwise. On average, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Miami costs around $2,026 per month, and the cost of living is 21% higher than the national average. But locals are quick to point out that, regardless of your budget, you can find a suitable place to live: “Don’t give up on finding affordable housing. It’s definitely available.”

Just like in any city, factors like location, amenities, and apartment size have a big impact on rental prices. Apartments in the downtown area are typically more expensive than those in the suburbs. To make the most of your housing budget, consider what matters most to you.

If living downtown is a must for you, you might be willing to forgo luxury amenities or extra space to save money. On the other hand, if hardwood floors or an on-site gym are non-negotiable for you, you might be better off looking for housing on the outskirts of the city.

5. Who’s moving to Miami?

There’s no doubt that Miami, the busiest city in Florida, is filled with opportunities. The metropolitan area has experienced a population growth of more than 2.32% since 2020, and this growth isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Whether you’re interested in creative fields, tourism, or healthcare, Miami provides a wealth of job opportunities. The city’s diverse neighborhoods, coastal beauty, and tropical atmosphere make it a highly sought-after place to live for renters.

Slightly less than half of the surveyed individuals mentioned that they moved due to job opportunities, which isn’t surprising given the low unemployment rate of 2.10% as of June 2023. Miami’s economy flourishes in various sectors, including food, hospitality, healthcare, and education.

The second most common reason for relocation was to be nearer to friends and family. Other significant factors included the appeal of city living and Miami’s pleasant tropical climate.

6. What is there to do in Miami?

Miami is a busy city with lots to do, and it can be tough to know where to start. When you look online for suggestions, you might find so many options that it gets overwhelming. Instead of going through endless reviews, why not begin your adventure by listening to the people who know Miami well? Here are some great places to visit in Miami, recommended by the locals themselves.

7. Parks and Recreation

In Miami, there are lots of parks and green areas tucked in between the busy streets and tall buildings. You can go to famous places like South Pointe Park and Bayfront Park to see beautiful views of the ocean and the city. People who live here also love going to the big Oleta River State Park, which is the biggest city park in Florida. There, you can do things like ride bikes, go kayaking, and have picnics.

8. Dining and Restaurants

Miami’s food scene is as varied as the people who live here. From famous Cuban restaurants in Little Havana to fancy dining in the Design District, there are lots of different tastes to try. Some local favorites are the exciting Latin flavors at Versailles (known as “The world’s most famous Cuban restaurant”) and the delicious seafood at Joe’s Stone Crab, which is only open from October to May. With more than 10,000 restaurants in the Miami area, you’ll always have lots of choices when it comes to eating out.

“People say that dining in Miami is like taking a trip around the world because you can find some of the best Cuban, Jamaican, Mediterranean, and even French food right here.”

9. Shopping

Whether you’re looking for fancy stores in the Design District or a busy shopping experience at the Miami International Mall, you can discover a wide range of things, from luxury brands to special local discoveries. People who live here suggest checking out the Wynwood Arts District for art galleries, boutiques, and unique fashion items you won’t find anywhere else.

10. Entertainment and Events

Miami is a city that never sleeps, and there’s always something exciting to do. Miami is known for hosting big music festivals like Ultra Music Festival and III Points, which attract music lovers from all over the world. Calle Ocho is another famous music festival that happens in Little Havana and is the highlight of Carnival Miami. If you love art, you should check out the Wynwood Walls, which is an open-air art gallery displaying incredible street art. And for theater, ballet, and opera shows, the Adrienne Arsht Center is the place to go.

11. How long are people staying in Miami?

Big cities can sometimes give the feeling that people are constantly coming and going, either in search of new opportunities or to find a quieter place to live. But even though Miami has a vibrant and youthful vibe, many renters here consider the city as their permanent and lasting home.

As shown earlier, 48% of the people we asked plan to live in Miami for ten years or more. With so many opportunities here, it’s not a surprise. However, if you’re thinking about getting an apartment in this lively city, it’s good to listen to the advice of the locals, but you might not fully understand everything Miami has to offer until you live here and experience it firsthand.


Why not come down to Miami and see it for yourself? Enjoy a day of dancing at music festivals or explore the city while shopping and sipping on some treats. Stay for a day, or a week, or perhaps even make it your forever home. Just keep in mind that once you experience Miami, you might not want to say goodbye.

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