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Sunny Isles Beach, Florida: Understanding The Perspective Of Property Owners!

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South Florida has become increasingly popular for its diversity and beautiful tourist spots. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, you will find a small island with dimensions of no more than 2 miles square feet called Sunny Isles. This City of Sun and Sea is at the border of Miami in the northern region and the Atlantic Ocean.

The beaches of Sunny Isles go as far as the eye can see and are the top tourist attractions worldwide. However, those who plan to visit this beautiful island may leave with a rather superficial knowledge about all that Sunny Isles offers.

When it comes to property ownership, the most crucial factor that comes into play is understanding the area where your property is built and ensuring that it benefits you the most. Many people would fail to consider Sunny Isles as a good place for property owners because it is seen as a temporary visit tourist place. There is, however, so much more that it has to offer.

When looking to buy property, there are jurisdictions via Florida Property Tax that tip in favor of the buyer – which makes investing in Sunny Isles even more exciting. Additionally, US laws generally protect the buyer and the buyer’s money. Thus, what property owners in Sunny Isles would look for in Sunny Isles is seeing what its potential is – concerning someone moving into this island.

Pros of Living in Sunny Isles!

1. It is not overcrowded

Sunny Isles has a population of just over 20,000 – with primarily luxury residences built on one side close to the beaches and the local community on the other. However, there is a proper balance between these two worlds, making a living in Sunny Isles ever more exciting.

You can enjoy the comfort of your upscale condo or luxury residence and then stroll out to enjoy nature’s best gifts in the form of beautiful green streets and the exquisite view of the beach.

2. Safe community

safe community - Ocean Two Sunny Isles - The Gosalia group

Sunny Isles are relatively safer, especially compared to other Florida cities. It ranks within the Top 20 in the safest cities in Florida and the Top 10 in Miami. Since this island is primarily residential, and most locals are familiar with each—given that the island is not over 2 miles square foot—the community is safe and friendly for locals and visitors alike.

3. Prime Location

prime location - Ocean Two Sunny Isles - The Gosalia group

Sunny Isles may be located north of Miami, but it is the center of everything you might need. From grocery shops, gyms, and pharmacies, to shopping centers such as the Aventura Mall – Sunny Isles has it all. It is home to several luxury residences, such as the Ocean Two Sunny Isles, which encourage the comfort and privacy of the property owners.

Within walking distance of the residential areas are hotspots of Sunny Isles, such as the BAL Harbor shops with designer shops and high-end options for dining. It also has several cafes, bars, and restaurants offering various cuisines, foods, and ambiances.

4. Diversity

Miami is known for its diversity, which includes Sunny Isles as an extension. There is a wide-ranging diversity on this island regarding different nationalities and races. You will see the demographic of ages going from old to young, as well – due to which the average resident age in Sunny Isles stands at 44 years old.

Things to do in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida!

1. Gulfstream Park Village

This open-air destination is top-rated for all the events regarding sports, entertainment, shopping, and food that are held here. It encourages people in Sunny Isles to indulge in recreational activities and learn more about different cultures through art, food, and other appreciative aspects of life.

2. Ancient Spanish Monastery

ancient spanish monastery - Ocean Two Sunny Isles - The Gosalia group

This monastery is a 15-minute drive from Sunny Isles and is worth the visit. It is interesting to witness the beautiful Spanish architecture from the 12th century – originally in Spain but dismantled and upheaved in the 1830s. Adding to this, William Hearst purchased it in 1925 and had it shipped to the US.

3. Bal Harbor Shops

These shops are one of the must-visits in Sunny Isles. It has beautiful architecture and landscaping, which is a sight to behold. Several shops have designer brands for apparel, jewelry, shoes, and other items; moreover, you can get high-end luxurious dining options for fun and relaxing times.

4. Parks

There are 11 public parks in Sunny Isles, which are accessible to the public along with many of its services. Oceanfront Park, or Sunny Isles Beach, has a beautiful color and landscaping with palm trees that provide shade and tropical flowers; it has an overall theme for a resort type of feel. There are magnificent public artworks in the park as well.

There are shaded pavilions with tables, a kids’ playground area, and USB outlet stations powered by solar energy. Of course, the beach also has a spacious shower system to get clean quickly before heading out. The public beach access is given to the volleyball area – it is crowded with people and has a sturdy structure. These beaches have lifeguards to ensure the security of those who come to have a relaxing time

Cost of living in Sunny Isles!

Compared to the national average, housing expenses in Sunny Isles are 57% higher; however, due to the nature of luxury residences being popular in Sunny Isles, high-end lifestyle results in high living expenses.

Concerning utility prices, Sunny Isles stands at 2% higher than the national average – this is the same for transportation fares and gas prices. Grocery prices are about 21% higher in Sunny Isles compared to the national average.


Considering all the points mentioned earlier, that explain what property ownership would entail when living in Sunny Isles, it all comes down to the personal factors of the person who wishes to invest in property. This island is beautiful, rich with diversity, and has a friendly community and establishments that will cater to almost every need of yours.

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